Award-winning Singer Songwriter 
Teaching Artist & Playwright

Karla continues to redefine the boundaries as an indie music artist scoring numerous hits on radio stations and on movie soundtracks worldwide.


She continues to inspire music lovers on an international scale and her fans expect nothing short of brilliant artistry with each song she writes.   

As a teaching artist, Karla is the passionate founder of the SHINE On! Music program traveling to underserved and rural communities to educate, encourage, and empower students in those targeted areas. Learn more


"My King is Coming” is a combination of poetry, passion, and faith. I wrote the songs as a story unfolding before the listener capturing the very moment the decision was made to leave the past behind and to step into the light.

Jesus, the savior of my soul, this one's all for you.

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"I wrote the songs for my Christmas CD titled, "Hope is Alive" ranking #1 on the charts since its' release in 2010 and now my songs have been scripted into a Christmas play. Learn More

"Everything Must Change"

 Bauer delivers again with Nina Simone tribute album

"The Bauer voice is a low, I guess it would be called a contralto, and her delivery is convincing; her conviction is strong. Her articulation is true, and when she bends the "pity" in "Isn't it a Pity," you feel it, and then she builds a fabulous climax as well-twice-and then backs off for the close." Roger Atkinson, Jam - Jazz Ambassador Magazine