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Karla's Music and Her Message

Karla's Music & Her Message

Award-winning Singer, Songwriter

Inspirational Speaker & Actor

UPDATE: Karla is back in the recording studio working on her soon to be released CD titled, "Everything Must Change" ~ A Nina Simone Tribute. "When I hear Nina sing I feel her soul. I want you to feel my soul in this new project."

Karla continues to redefine the boundaries as an independent music artist being featured with two stations on Pandora Radio. You can also hear her music on many independent movie soundtracks and the playlists of radio stations world-wide. 


Totally Gone"Totally Gone 

Radiating a real warmth from her unique, low-toned vocals, her  latest release creates a perfect vibe between mellow soul and organic pop. The words will just keep getting deeper under your skin with every song you hear.

The song writing for her third CD is nothing close to sweet as she describes her auto-biographical songs as "opening my heart,  spilling my difficult past out on the table, and waiting to see people's reaction. I used to be what I would call a beautiful failure. My greatest influence is Nina Simone because her songs tell a story and shake my soul."

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Karla Bauer Christmas

Karla wrote the songs for her all-original Christmas CD titled, "Hope is Alive " ranking #1 on the ReverbNation charts since its' release in 2010. Traditionally it's difficult for indie music artists to get into major retail stores like Barnes & Noble and Hastings Entertainment. But the retail giants welcomed her music and invited her to perform during the holiday season to help promote her Christmas CD during the “Hope is Alive” tour. 

 "I wrote the songs on this album to tell the story of the miracles that happened during this amazing time in history. The songs will leave you merry and bright as you are led through an incredible Christmas journey!"


GLOW Inc.Karla is affiliated with many teen and women organizations making special appearances as an inspirational speaker and singer. She also works as a volunteer and mentor. Many times you will see her post events on her social media sites to raise funds and ask for donations for the girls' homes and women shelters. The passion she expresses as a vocalist and songwriter are equal to her desire to bring her music and her message of hope to the world.