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"Throughout the past four years, Karla has been a volunteer and mentor to our music community by presenting to artists the SHINE ON! workshops and

by serving on several committees to accomplish the projects needed to lift up and promote jazz artists throughout

the Kansas City area."

— Jon McGraw



Crossroads Students and Karla Bauer.PNG

Karla with Crossroads Preparatory Academy High School Choir

Your donation will help provide high
quality music programs to students in the underserved and rural communities in Kansas and Missouri! 
Urban Preparatory Academy

SHINE ON! MUSIC LLC - Karla Bauer, Founder & CEO

"I'm not in this just for the income, I do this for the outcome."

I’m an independent music artist committed to giving access to high-quality music programs to students and veteran musicians from the underserved communities where I volunteer on a weekly basis, and in the rural communities where I grew up.

As the passionate founder of SHINE On! Music, LLC, and with a thirty-year career in information technology as a senior engineer, I’ve educated hundreds of young, up-and-coming artists and veteran musicians on how to develop their music career to save them time and money but more importantly, how to promote themselves successfully and 'safely' in a digital world.

My goal is to inspire my students, give them the courage to pursue their dreams relentlessly, and provide the insight they need to protect themselves from opportunists in the industry.

Should you have a limited budget we can work together to apply for an available grant to cover the costs for the event. The SHINE ON! Music Workshop and Outreach Community Concert can be adapted to the student's needs to create an everlasting educational program and concert event for your organization and the community. Please contact me at

Young Women on the Move



The SHINE ON! Business Education Workshop is for new music artists who may be considering a career in music and for veteran musicians needing help to reignite their careers in a digital world. The workshop will provide a list of low-cost business tools to the artists while also providing a deeper understanding of the music industry and what it really takes to be a successful artist both creatively and professionally in this virtual world.

Educational Workshop Program

Onsite or Virtual Workshop Available. To cover all material below most workshops are approximately 1.5 hours long

  • Music Industry Recap  

  • Production and Digital Distribution 

  • Brand & Marketing  

  • Website Inclusion & Exclusion

  • Digital Press Kit 

  • Copyright  

  • Royalties 

  • Cover Songs and Licensing

Master Classes additional in-depth lesson plans are available upon request for an additional cost

  • How to build a Digital Press Kit

  • How to build an Email Marketing Campaign

  • How to create your own Website

  • How to apply for Grants as an Individual Artist​

Germany_Jan Meyer and Karla Bauer Enerci


The SHINE On! Outreach Community Concert program gives music artists a real-life experience to motivate them to pursue their musical passion. They will join Karla on stage at an iconic theater to perform in front of a packed house of their family and friends for a grand concert finale! They'll be taught production, marketing, rehearsal, and performance skills while promoting accountability to others, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.


Build Performance Skills Program

The concert will consist of Karla Bauer performing songs from her latest gospel/jazz albums with the highly skilled Kansas City jazz musicians accompanying. She will perform for 45 minutes and the students (youth/veteran musicians) will then join her on stage as a backup choir to sing with her for 15 minutes for a grand concert finale!

  • Music Artist Class Participation -  the youth/veteran music artists will create promotional materials, learn how to promote the event, and be given instruction on how to record and live stream the performance. 

  • Music Artist Backup Choir  - attend vocal workshop, dress rehearsal, and perform song selections along with Karla Bauer and her band as part of the grand concert finale

  • After the Concert Meet & Greet -  Karla Bauer, musicians, music artists, parents, and the community 

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