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Inspirational Speaker & Playwright

Karla continues to redefine the boundaries as an indie music artist being featured with two stations on Pandora Radio. You can also hear her music on many independent movie soundtracks and the playlists of radio stations worldwide. 


"Everything Must Change"

Bauer delivers again with Nina Simone tribute 

"The Bauer voice is a low, I guess it would be called a contralto, and her delivery is convincing; her conviction is strong. Her articulation is true, and when she bends the "pity" in "Isn't it a Pity," you feel it, and then she builds a fabulous climax as well-twice-and then backs off for the close." Roger Atkinson, Jam - Jazz Ambassador Magazine read full article

“Everything Must Change” is a strong tribute to the particularly inspirational side of this gifted artist. The CD sets a nice mood and especially when it gets into the second half of the program with the series of ballads you will be fully engaged. The old tunes are weaved into an utterly modern blend of expressive Jazz and the nostalgic mood is the perfect fit for Bauer as an artist who reached back decades for her inspiration. Bauer assembled the collection of songs once recorded by Nina Simone to radiate a message that to change the world we all must become the change.

Karla Bauer CD front_high res.jpg

Karla wrote the songs for her all-original Christmas CD titled, "Hope is Alive" ranking #1 on the charts since its' release in 2010 and now her songs have been scripted into a Christmas play!  You can purchase the play script for “Hope is Alive ~ A Christmas Play for All Ages" at Amazon Kindle Publishing.

 "I wrote these beautiful Christmas songs to tell the story of the miracles that happened during this amazing time in history. Your heart will be merry and bright as you're led through an incredible Christmas journey!" Keep Shining ~ Matthew 5:16  

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