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The inspiring lyrics were written and recorded by the Kansas City-based singer and are the most important detail of her music. She will draw you in with a powerful message that no one but Karla can deliver. 


"My King is Coming” is a combination of poetry, passion, and faith. Karla wrote the songs as a story unfolding before the listener capturing the very moment the decision was made to leave the past behind and to step into the light.  

“Everything Must Change” is a strong tribute to the particularly inspirational side of this gifted artist. The old tunes are weaved into an utterly modern blend of expressive Jazz and the nostalgic mood is the perfect fit for Bauer as an artist who reached back decades for her inspiration. Bauer assembled the collection of songs once recorded by Nina Simone to radiate a message that to change the world we all must become the change.
Hope is Alive buy

Christmas Musical - Backing Tracks

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